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Painting on glass is not as difficult as it looks. It is like painting on any other base like canvas, wall, etc., the only difference is with the paints used on glass. There are specific paints available for glass, and some paints are such that they can be used on any surface like cloth, canvas, etc. However, for glass paintings, you can use only specific paints. Enamel paint is one such paint, which can be used for glass painting. The properties of this paint make it very feasible for glass paintings. Knowing how to make glass paintings using enamel will help you make beautiful designs on the glasses, and other crockery in your house, along with paintings on the window glasses and wall hangings.

What is enamel paint?

Enamel paints are those paints, which are hard, glossy, washable, and gives a glossy finish. These are either oil-based or water based. They take a longer time to dry, but becomes harder than the other water based paints. These are not only used on glass, but on any surface that needs to be washed, scrubbed, comes in contact of humidity, unclean hands, and likely to develop stains. Similarly, paintings made on glasses, crockery, etc., needs to be washed regularly, and thus, the paint has to be washable.

Even the glass paintings made on glass windows or glass painting wall-hangings, can be maintained easily and would not need a touch up, if enamel paints are used for the same. The objects painted with these paints can be washed with warm water using a mild detergent. If one wishes to clean the same in the dishwasher, and then treat the object to 325 degrees in the oven for approximately 30 minutes, to completely cure the paint.

Make glass paintings using enamels

You would need a couple of things before you start with your painting. The list is as follows –

  • Enamel paint – colors as per the design
  • Water
  • Round brush – number 3
  • Vinegar (white)
  • Tissues
  • Stencil/design
  • Painter’s tape

How to make glass paintings using enamel color?

  1. Clean the glass surface before you begin working on the same. Moisten a paper towel with 1:1 ratio of water and vinegar. Wipe it thoroughly, and let the glass object dry completely. Do not let your finger prints appear on the glass. Hold it delicately from the edge. Your skin oil that appears on the glass will create problems in allowing the enamel paint settle on the glass.
  2. It is advisable to use a stencil or rough sketch of your design. If you have the design ready, you can easily sketch the same on the glass. This will help avoid any mistakes. Place the design on the inner side of the glass, and using the painter’s tape stick it firm on the glass. This will not let the sketch move, and thus, not create any confusion or mistakes in the design.
  3. Pour some paint in the palette, as per the design color scheme. Apply the paint using the paint brush. Move the paint brush in one direction to avoid any irregular strokes. Apply one layer on the entire surface. If you are applying a base color, let it dry completely before you apply any other color. In case you are using different colors for different sections of design, then plan your work in a way that when you color a certain part of the design, you do not harm the other part that is colored.
  4. Learn about making different shades. Mix colors to make different shades, different colors, etc. Every time before using the same brush for different colors, clean the brush, and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. There should not be any extra water left in the bristles of the brush.
  5. For creating a shading effect, apply a dark coat of paint at the core, and then move the brush outwards, until the paint disappears from the bristles of the brush. This is known as tapping. Let it dry completely to get the exact effect. For highlighting the areas where there would be greater reflection of light, apply a light shade at the core, and follow the same tapping motion.
  6. If while making the painting/design, you make a mistake, you can remove the paint using a toothpick. Use an outliner to give it the perfect finish. As mentioned above, if you wish to clean the object in a dishwasher, you have to treat the same in the oven at 360 degrees, after the paint dries. This gives a baking effect to the paint, and it thus settles well.

Thus, use this paint on glass like any other paint, except some specific instructions to be followed. This paint will give your painting/design the glossiest finish, and when the light would reflect through it, the color would appear brighter. Try making a glass painting using enamel, and display your creativity.

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